Reclaimed Wood Artistry at Murrays Cheese

The reclaimed wood we used in our...
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Home Cabinetry and Millwork in Brookville, NY

When the idea of a major home renovation is brought up, most people think of major additions. This is not always necessary, as you can see in this Brookville renovation. We took the space and enhanced it according to the customer’s wishes, by redefining their home to fit their l...
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Reclaiming Architectural Design with Reclaimed Wood

For the past two decades, recycling has become an important focus as we strive to reduce waste, conserve valuable resources, and replenish the natural world. Paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and plastic are all broken down in order to create new products to replace the old...
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Piecing Together Custom Cabinetry

When envisioning home design through the use of custom cabinetry and millwork, the estimated price tag can sometimes look a bit heavy. This is not a bad thing. We all dream big, so when the idea of your dream home comes into focus, it may look larger than life. 

Does this mean that your dream home is impossible? Absolutely not....

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Standardized Storage with Character: Designing Closets

One of the more stylistically neglected home ideas has always been storage, whether it be in closets, pantries, or garages. It was hard to imagine storage spaces such as these looking good. These areas also created the mindset of “working with what you have” rather than “creating for your needs.” Long were the days where you let your storage ...

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To View or Not to View: How to Hide Your Television

The television is one of the trickiest pieces of technology to integrate into home design. Unlike the home office where the computer is king and the desk cabinetry and bookcases are usually built surrounding the screen, a television is usually a small physical presence in a den or living room, but it is also an overwhelming aspect of t...

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Green Building: Sustainable Hardwoods

For the past few years, there has been a surge of interest in more eco-friendly lifestyles. The most popular information of this green awareness has been on alternative energy, and with good reason. Oil prices are the highest ever. This, in turn, affects the price of travel, which makes everything that needs to be transported from one place ...

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True Factory Direct Cabinetry

You have probably seen the slogan “factory direct” quite a bit in relation to cabinetry companies. It seems like “factory direct” would have an obvious meaning: these cabinets come directly from the manufacturer to you! 

Sounds simple, but some companies impose this slogan while selling multiple brands of cabinetry. Multiple b...

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Fireplace Mantels

The holiday season is upon us once again. Thanksgiving has just passed and, with the sighting of Santa Claus at the end of the Macy's parade in New York, the season of decoration is upon us, with all the electric lights and holly it can muster. 

The exterior of a ...
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